Propeller guard for DJI Phantom 2 3 4

Propeller Guard For Phantom 2, 3, 4

Rs.3,000.00 Rs

Easy attachment propeller guards for DJI Phantom

  • Pack of 4 Propeller Guards
  • Compatible with Phantom 2, Phantom 3 and Phantom 4
Sold By : Mall Of Aviation
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The Propeller Guards for the DJI Phantom Series is one very important accessory for people both new to flying drones, those operating in the vicinity of people and inside closed spaces. The Propeller Guards ensure that the propellors do not hit anything while in flight, giving you peace of mind while piloting the drone. While flying, if by any chance you do fly into a wall, the Propellor Guards will keep both the Propellers and your drone safe!


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