Soft backpack for DJI Phantom

Phantom 4 Soft Backpack

Rs.10,000.00 Rs

Durable Soft Backpack designed specially to keep your DJI Phantom 4 and all its components safe and secure while travelling.


  • Shoulder bag/Backpack
  • Protection from mild shocks
  • Tear resistant fabric
  • Water resistant


The Soft Backpack for DJI Phantom 4 is a safe and secure way to transport and carry your Phantom Drones. It comes with features like a flexible padded interior that fits snugly around the drone. Adjustable dividers ensure a tight fight. The bag is so designed as to ensure that the drone is prevented from falling or slipping out even when the backpack is opened while kept vertical.

Its well-padded interior  keeps your Phantom Drone safe from bumps and scrapes.

The Multi-function backpack can include:

  • 1 Phantom Drone
  • 1 Remote Controller
  • 3 Intelligent Flight Batteries
  • 12 Propellers
  • Intelligent Flight Battery Charger
  • 1 15″ Personal Laptop


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